Target species:

  • medium passerines
  • plovers, sandpipers and other small and medium waders
  • pigeons & doves
  • small terns
  • small seabirds, auks
  • rails
  • bee-eaters and rollers
  • swifts, et. all….


The lightest GPS-Cellular-ACC solar driven tracker in the world suitable for backpack deployment for birds weighing only ca. 50 grams and more.

5G technology compatible with both LTE-M and NB-loT service. *

Inteligent roaming – searching for the best available 5G network for data transmitting.

*5G network has been deployed to Europe, North America, Australia, most of Asia and South America, and a few countries in Africa. Visit https://www.gsma.com/iot/mobile-iot-map to to check the coverage of 5G service worldwide.

Dimensions:19mm x 14.5mm x 6.8mm
Weight:1.7-1.8 - INTELINK model l 2.4g - 5G model l
Antenna:External titanium alloy antennas
Housing:IP 68. Multiple harness threading holes. Various colours are possible.
Data Types
GPS:Longitude, latitude, altitude, geoid height, course, satellite quantity
ENV:Voltage, light intensity, temperature
BHV:ODBA (overall dynamic body acceleration)
ACC:x/y/z acceleration data (upon request)
Power Supply
Solar type:30% (over 100 GPS fixings per day ideally)
Battery type:Lithium polymer rechargeable battery with under-and-over-charge protection
Battery capacity:10 mAh I 30 GPS fixing without recharge
GPS Module
GPS accuracy:5 m (long-term statistics in open space)
47,500 data ( 460 days of regular data storage)
GPS 6 hour I ENV 1 hour I BHV 10 min (recommended)
GPS fixing every 10 min / 1 min / 20 seconds
Flash memory:32 MB
Regular data storage:460 days at default setting (6h GPS+1h ENV+10 min BHV)
Operational Environment
Working temperature:20~60°C (15~35°C ideal for storage)
Firmware Upgrade
Over the air (OTA)

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