Target species:

  • geese & swans
  • large raptors
  • cormorants & pelicans
  • cranes
  • storks
  • bustards, etc……


FLEX is a solar-powered GPS-2G or Argos ACC tracker suitable for backpack deployment for birds weighing 1000 grams and more.

Now also available in 4G version.

Stable performance testified for years.

Manufactured by injecting ASA materials into a specially-designed mould, the enclosure is very tenacious and guarantees years of usage in harsh environment. Thousands of Debut® Flex devices have been operating
stably for more than four years with various species.

With a specially designed radian, Debut® Flex can be seamlessly attached to a universal bird band to function as a neck collar. Combination of the two enables you to identify each bird by eyes, achieving an integration of modern technology and traditional wisdom.




Appearance & Measurement
Dimensions:67mmx33 mmx 20mm
Weight:From 24g
Housing:Strong and water proof, with multiple harness threading holes. Various colours are possible.
Data Types
GPS:Longitude, latitude, altitude, geoid height, course, satellite quantity
ENV:Voltage, light intensity, temperature
BHV:ODBA (overall dynamic body acceleration)
ACC:x/y/z acceleration data (upon request)
BSS:longitude, latitude, altitude (alternative locating method for extreme situation)
Power Supply
Solar type:GaAs solar unit (30% efficiency) with good performance under weak light
Battery type:Lithium polymer rechargeable battery with under-and-over-charge protection
Battery capacity:210 mAh
Fully charged battery is sufficient for logging over 100 GPS positions without recharge under optimal GPS satellite view.
GPS Module
GPS precision:CEP (50%) 5m
Max update rate:10 Hz
Transmission Module
GPRS ( 2G data ) I GSM ( 2G SMS ) I Argos | 4G |
Data Collection & Transmission Setting:
Regular-Interval Mode:
- GPS interval: 5 min ~1 day
- ENV interval: 5 min ~1 day
- ODBA interval: 10 min/30 min
- ACC interval: 25 Hz, 3 seconds in every 10 min (by default)
- Transmission interval: 5 min ~1 day
Above ranges are selectable on website data platform or App. Contact us if other settings are required.
On-Time Mode
- Transmission: Up to three times at fixed hours per day (such as 13:00/14:00/18:00)
- GPS / ENV / BHV: Regular-interval model or on-time model follow each transmission
Sleep Mode
This mode is to deactivate certain type of data collection for:
- a certain period (from minutes to months)
- a regular period each day (a maximum of 16 hours)
Intelligent Frequency Optimization & Flight Detection (BOOST)
The BOOST function intelligently increases data collection & transmission frequency when the charging condition is good or the bird is flying. The default setting is as below:
Frequency Optimization:Every 10 min/1 min
Flight Detection:Every 20 sec
With BOOST, the device portrays detailed movement tracks without manual intervention and avoids the possibility of battery drain due to radical settings in bad weather.
Data Storage
Logged data will be stored in memory if network is unavailable.
Flash memory:16 MB
Regular data storage:460 days at default setting (1h GPS+1h ENV+10 min BHV)
BOOST data storage:280,000 pieces
ACC data storage:28,700 pieces
Operational Environment
Working temperature:-20°C~60°C
Waterproof:7 ATM ( 70 meters under freshwater)
Firmware Upgrade
Over the air (OTA)

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