Target species:

  • small gulls
  • terns
  • pigeons, doves
  • medium waders
  • medium passerines

Especially recommended for colony species


2.0 g model –  NANO Lite


customized with dry/wet GPS switch for turtles, penguins and other waterbirds


NANO – a solar-powered GPS-Bluetooth-ACC tracker can be deployed on various animals weighing 70 grams and more.
The collected data is uploaded to our cloud server. You can use our web-based data or App to connect to the cloud server to check the animal location, animal activity, and the environmental information at any time. You can also export the collected raw data in KML or CSV format for further analysis.

NANO collects all the same data as our other loggers and the communication takes place through Bluetooth.
The data is transferred through Bluetooth whenever the bird is present within Hub’s range (Gateway) or within range of a mobile phone with launched App for downloading data. Hub or a mobile phone are transferring downloaded data over the Internet to the server and the data is immediately visible in the customer panel. The entire procedure takes from several seconds to a few minutes, depending on the range and amount of data.
In the attachment there is also a diagram of the procedure described above.
These transmitters are particularly suitable for studying colony species, for example terns, where you can place a Hub in the breeding colony and the data is downloading itself. You can also look for the birds with loggers in other colonies, with a Hub or a mobile phone, and download data from them.
The mobile phone App is free and any authorized person can use it by downloading data with it. You can also ask someone from other country to scan flock of terns and download data from these devices.
Bluetooth downloading range in line-of-sight (without obstacles between device and Hub or smartphone) is as follows:
– 150-200 m with smartphone (depending on smartphone model),
– ca. 1500 m with Hub.
See more at: INTELINK

Appearance & Measurement
Dimensions:32 x 12 mm x 7 mm - NANO Lite
36 mm x 13mm x 9mm - stndard model
Weight:From 2.0 g - NANO Lite
3.7 g - standard model
Antenna:44mm | 35 mm (exteenal titanium alloy)
Housing:Strong and water proof, with multiple harness threading holes. Various colours are possible.
Data Types
GPS:Longitude, latitude, altitude, geoid height, course, satellite quantity
ENV:Voltage, light intensity, temperature
BHV:ODBA (overall dynamic body acceleration)
ACC:x/y/z acceleration data (upon request)
Power Supply
Solar type:GaAs solar unit (30% efficiency) with good performance under weak light
Battery type:Lithium polymer rechargeable battery with under-and-over-charge protection
Battery capacity:30mAh or 60 mAh
Fully charged battery is sufficient for logging over 100 GPS positions without recharge under optimal GPS satellite view.
Bluetooth Low Energy. Maximum uplink/downlink speed: 1 Mbps/ 1 Mbps
Data Collection & Transmission Setting:
Data collecting:- GPS interval: 5 min ~1 day
- ENV interval: 5 min ~1 day
- ODBA interval: 10 min/30 min
- ACC interval: 25 Hz, 3 seconds in every 10 min (by default)
Data uploading: Uploads instantly when connected to Debut Hub, Debut Quest or mobile phone.
Above ranges are selectable on website data platform or App. Contact us if other settings are required.
Intelligent Frequency Optimization & Flight Detection (BOOST)
The BOOST function intelligently increases data collection frequency when the charging condition is good or the bird is flying. The default setting is as below:
Frequency Optimization:Every 10 min/1 min
Flight Detection:Every 20 sec
With BOOST, the device portrays detailed movement tracks without manual intervention and avoids the possibility of battery drain due to radical settings in bad weather.
Data Storage
Logged data will be stored in memory if BLE connection is unavailable.
Flash memory:16 MB
Regular data storage:460 days at default setting (1h GPS+1h ENV+10 min BHV)
BOOST data storage:280,000 pieces
ACC data storage:28,700 pieces
Operational Environment
Working temperature:-20°C~60°C
Waterproof:IP 68
Firmware Upgrade
Over the air (OTA)

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