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We specialize in supply of advanced telemetry devices and applications for wildlife research and conservation. As OEM partner & authorized distributor of Druid Technology Co., LTD., we provide high quality, flagship and customized equipment and software based on patented and proven technologies.
Debut® is short for “Devices of Energy (sustainable)­ driven Biological Ubiquitous Telecommunication network”, which is a concept initiated by Druid Technology.
Debut® is designed under the philosophy of “Deployment and done”. lt features multiple data types, long-life working, self-adaption between far-field and near-field transmission, multi-account collaboration over cloud, data visualization, real-time behavior recording, and many built-in tools for preliminary data processing. With this solution, the user can save a lot of time and other related costs on obtaining the data, while focus more on their research designing and in-depth data analyzing and application.
Debut® series log accurate GPS positions and non-break acceleration data of animals along with temperature, humidity, light intensity, and air pressure information for portraying animals’ surrounding environment, helping you analyze how animal behaviors are influenced by climate and environmental changes.
The data will either be sent back through GPRS/WCDMA network or downloaded by mobile phones via Bluetooth. When neither is available, the GPS and battery voltage information will be transmitted to you through SMS as a notification of device status. The complete data is stored in the device memory and then sent back all at once when network service is regained.
Debut® series products feature excellent flexibility. Each model is designed for more than one configuration type and is matched with varying attachment accessories to better fit different species. Driven by Druid’s patented technologies of INTECK™, INTELINK™, IREM™, and Ubicomp™. they are also very durable and reliable.

Innovation, Behavior Judgment

Our products utilize real time acceleration sensors and original core algorithm to realize ceaseless monitoring of animal behaviors and abnormality judgement including electric shock, entrapment and gunshot.

Arresø, Denmark

Activity Percentage/Day

Inactivity Percentage/Day
100%     Abnormal!

Data, Accurate Visualization

All our products support cloud data storage and visualization on both web Data Center and mobile APP. Apart from displaying raw data, we add functions of map marker and chart analysis, etc. for accurate visualization.
SaaS is short for Software as a Service. Compared with traditional software solutions involving complicated installation, system compatibility, and frequent switching among different software for data analysis, our Debut® SaaS applications bring the most effortless and fluent user experience. With all data and device settings stored in the cloud, you can log on to the webpage platform or App, anytime and anywhere, to check and analyze the data, modify device settings, upgrade firmware, or manage subaccounts. Besides, you can still download data of desired periods and types for personalized requirements.


Edge intelligence refers to the way of intelligently adjusting the terminal sampling interval in the cloud through edge computing. which is reflected in the more flexible data acquisition mode of triggering the terminal by setting the range and conditions of variables such as voltage, temperature, speed, time period, geographical fence, activity and other variables. For example, by setting a device to trigger high frequency GNSS sampling after entering a geographical fence, or trigger low geographical fence after entering the night period to save energy, the power consumption of the device is exerted to the extreme via flexible sampling. The Edge intelligence setting is composed of the Edge intelligence switch and the rules.


For intensive monitoring during certain hours or in certain areas, you can adjust the transmitting or logging intervals anytime using App or Webpage. Besides, you can also specify the working hours and the voltage threshold for the logging of each data type.


Both the App and webpage interfaces are clean and tidy, with operations reasonably leading from one to another for you to get familiar with the system in no time. Simple and intuitive icons are used for you to get the information by one glance.


Data can be viewed directly in the system or exported as KML/CSV format files. Besides, the system provides data visualization in the form of time-based graphs. You can sort and compare data of different types, collected during different periods, or from different devices.


Geofences of different shapes and categories can be created based on map. This is very helpful when you want to have different data collecting modes (ex. intervals and working hours) in certain areas. When associated devices crossed the border of the geofence, notifications would be pushed to you.


Administrator can create sub-accounts and allocate different function authorizations to them. This brings huge convenience to scientific program collaboration.


The applications automatically load Google Map/Earth in the Location Browsing mode. You can view the GPS fixes and courses directly in the system without switching to other software.


Stability, We Focus

Debut™ series products use humidity, air pressure and temperature sensors to realize real time monitoring of chip working environment and remote lock of device malfunctions caused by housing damage, severe environment and other force majeure.

Detectable Humidity: 0-100%

Air Pressure
Detectable Air Pressure:300-1100 hPa

Detectable Temperature:-25 – 60 ℃

Customization, Ensure Performance

Debut™ series products offer customized GPRS and GPS antennas to markedly improve positioning and data communication efficiency, ensuring the stability and accuracy of data acquisition.

Quality, Power Driven

Debut™ series products choose low temperature polymer battery as the power supply unit. Combining smart battery management chips, the unit can ensure a power-lossless working temperature interval between -25 ℃ ~ 60 ℃. And the actual lowest temperature can reach down to -40 ℃.

-25 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Low-temperature Polymer Battery

>1095 Days
Smart Battery Management

Test, Foundation of Quality

Debut™ series products utilize test platform based on core simulation technology during the period of R&D which can simulate the influence of temperature and humidity change, ultraviolet radiation aging and physical abrasion and collision, etc. on products and communication performance. And targeted optimization can be carried out accordingly.

Extreme Temperature Test

Impact Test

Airtight and Waterproof Test



Lifetime replacement insurance at EUR 89 or EUR 249 (depending on the model) applies to every Debut® series device purchased and deployed on adult bird. With the insurance, you can always get a new device in case of any accidents that terminate the data flow (such as device damage or lost due to violent attacks), protecting your investment to the maximum extent.

*For detailed insurance terms, refer to the description documentation. We reserves the rights of final interpretation of the terms.

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